The Salt & Light Council in action with local churches and congregations.

Join us and Discover the Joy and Privilege of Biblical Citizenship.

Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries in Action!  Hear their own exciting words of encouragement.


Heidi and Frank P. -  Indiana 

Our Salt & Light Council attended a rally to protect the Brookville, Indiana Courthouse Nativity. Four years ago, an atheist group from Wisconsin filed suit against the nativity. Rev. Rob, along with other area pastors, shared the gospel, led music, and boldly stood for our right to display the nativity at the Courthouse.  Thank you for the shout out endorsement for Salt & Light Council by Pastor Rob Edwards, from the Buena Vista Southern Baptist Church in Laurel.

Bambi S. - Indiana

It has been such a privilege to attend the eight week Biblical Sexual Ethics Workshops you offered. My family and I have been enlightened and encouraged to stand strong against the devil's tactics to destroy our culture. The information presented was perfectly timed for such a time as this. I can't wait to see how God intends to use it in our lives for His glory.