Gail Photo

GAIL LEVIN / Affiliate Director, The Salt & Light Council (SLC).

Much of Gail's early Christian outreach has been in social-action capacities. As such, she has a heart for not only civic engagement, but in seeing the Church affect the culture through both Spirit and truth.

As Founder and Executive Director of Generational Crossroads (GC), for 15 years, Gail led hundreds to relational and generational freedom through the power of Jesus Christ. An ordained minister, she has volunteered in many capacities, including counseling women at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, receiving mediator training through a victim-offender reconciliation program, and serving as assistant director for an ex-gay ministry.

These days, Gail conducts new affiliate trainings, is the ongoing back-office support for affiliate ministries, and is managing editor of SLC’s Monthly Maintenance that connects congregations nationwide with pivotal articles that offer churches pertinent Scriptures and prayer and action points. 

Gail notes an interesting similarity between The Salt & Light Council and Generational Crossroads. “In GC,” she says, “People sought God’s strength to deal with their personal and generational sins. In SLC, we encourage Biblical Christians to seek and find the heart of God regarding our corporate, national sins. Either way, personally or nationally, it’s hard, humbling work to recognize we are all in need of God’s Divine healing. Once there, though, the breakthroughs are incredibly freeing.”

On the personal side, Gail is married with two children and three grandchildren. She is a member of a local Messianic Congregation, and involved in prayer ministries. Gail loves to worship in dance, which she calls “full-body worship.”


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