My church is already strong on the issues, so is this ministry necessary?


That is very good news and praise the Lord for your church.  The question remains are you moving from information to activation? Our experience shows that there is a disconnect from the pulpit to the people. Many may hear the message, but few do anything to hold the line for our values.  Very few call their elected representatives, write letters or postcards, attend rallies, events or show solidarity on our moral issues and certainly not with any regularity.  Thus, our government is given free rein to rewrite the moral laws of God.   In good conscience,  we face a dilemma - live by Godless laws or object. The freedom of religion and our First Amendment rights we enjoy today are eroding.  Our voice is the strongest weapon.  When used, our righteous roar will hold the line against immorality, godlessness, chaos and confusion.  Thus, having an onsite Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministry gives your Pastor the support he needs.  When he speaks, the people act because they have a caring ministry ready to initiate a coordinated effort.  And, just know that other ministries around the country are doing the same.  It is a winning combination.  It is linking arms across the nation in prayer, education and action.  Christians win when they get involved. Silence is not an option for our country. It really comes down to our God-given voice - use it or lose it.